Standard Containerised Unit
NC IMALAT Containers is a high-quality unit which can be deployed where economical and speedy installation is required. Generator, compressor etc. In order to reduce the disturbing sound pollution emitted by sound generating devices to the desired values by the customer, in-room sound insulation, sound dampening tapes, stalactical sound cutters etc. production and assembly.

For the cogeneration systems, generator mechanical assembly, all the piping, all exhaust manufacture, silencer design and manufacturing, heat exchanger design and manufacturing are made together with the container type cabinet.

Typical Container Applications
Containers are used for a wide variety of different applications and depends upon the specific requirements of your project. Particularly where projects require rapid deployment or removal. They are particularly popular where gas availability may vary over time, such as a biogas and landfill site. 

Customised Containers
NC IMALAT offer a wide variety of solutions. Where there are specific customer requirements which differ from the standard container, NC IMALAT can offer customised container versions. Customised versions may require a more stringent level of sound attenuation, a specific size or configuration not covered by the standard units.